Easiflow 360°- Non-Spill Cup

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With With the touch of a lip, the 360° edge releases water allowing baby to sip from anywhere on the rim and drink with easethe touch of a lip, the 360° edge releases water allowing baby to sip from anywhere on the rim and drink with ease.


There are only two parts to clean, the cup and the one-piece valve. No fiddly or small parts to fit together and assemble


Spill-proof, even when turned upside down. The non-drip valve twists securely in the base of the cup and seals automatically between sips


Works just like an open cup to support healthy oral and speech development

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A spout-less drinking cup allows babies to develop grown-up drinking skills whist supporting their oral development. Recommended by dentists, open cup drinking from an early age has been shown to help promote proper tongue placement and oral motor skills whilst helping to prevent possible tooth decay.

Perfect for training, our Easiflow training cup is the easiest 360° cup to use ever! The cup’s 360° rim makes it easy for your little one to get used to sipping from an open cup, but with less mess. Specially designed for babies 6m+, the cup features a unique lip-activated 1-piece valve that twists securely into the base of the cup. With the touch of a lip anywhere on the rim of the cup, the valve breaks the seal and allows the water to flow so baby can drink with ease. The valve seals automatically between sips keeping the cup fully spill-proof between sips, even when turned upside down.

To further support the development of their grown-up drinking skills, our 360° Easiflow trainer cup comes with easy-grip handles designed for tiny hands. The handles ensure the cup doesn’t slip out of baby’s hands whilst aiding the development of the hand-eye coordination required to hold, lift, and sip, all while sitting upright.

With hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s minds our Easiflow 360° drinking cups add an extra layer of reassurance by being super easy to clean. Consisting of only two parts: the cup and the one-piece valve, there is nowhere for those nasty germs to hide. Simply wash in warm, soapy water or on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
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