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  • Essential Baby Scissors

    JOD 5.250

    Essential Baby Scissors

    Our easy to use and extra safe essentials Baby Scissors keep your little ones nails in tip top condition.

    • Shaped for little nails
    • Rounded ends for safety
    • Comfortable handles for parents
    • Contains 1 pair of scissors
    JOD 5.250
  • Essential Baby Brush & Comb

    JOD 5.250

    Essential Baby Brush & Comb

    Our soft and gentle Basics Baby Brush and Baby Comb have been designed especially for use with delicate baby hair and skin.

    JOD 5.250
  • Essential Nail Clipper

    JOD 5.250

    Essential Nail Clipper

    Easy to use and extra safe, our essentials Baby Nail Clippers keep your baby’s fingers and toes looking good and feeling comfortable.

    JOD 5.250
  • Electric Baby Nail File

    JOD 29.900

    Electric Baby Nail File

    Perfectly smooth and safe nails, for all the family.

    Your little one’s nails may be small, but they sure are scratchy! Our handheld electric baby nail trimmer makes sure that their toe and fingernails are clipped safely so that they can’t hurt themselves.

    The quiet motor can be used at any time of the day, even when your baby sleeps, and comes with a precise LED light for safety and accuracy. It is battery powered, and when the battery is running low the filing head will work slowly and then gradually stop​.

    Not only does it have three special and super gentle files for your baby’s tiny nails (ultra-fine, fine, and medium), but it also comes with three extra multipurpose ones that are designed to care for adult’s nails (shape, polish, and buff).

    Rotating a full 360°, both the filing speed and direction can be adjusted with ease so that you’re totally in control.

    When you are done, it is easy to pack the trimmer away into its handy travel case to keep it protected and clean.


    Battery powered – ​2AA (not included). ​

    JOD 29.900
  • Healthcare Kit

    JOD 29.990

    Healthcare Kit

    Enjoy peace of mind with nine essential baby care items in our popular Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit. All stored in a convenient carry case, that’s easy to carry from room to room or use away from home.The Closer to Nature Health Care Kit includes a digital thermometer, which can be used to take baby’s temperature orally, including an automated warning sound which sounds if temperature readings reach fever levels.

    The kit also contains a nasal aspirator, baby nail scissors, baby clippers, emery boards, baby toothbrush, and a brush and comb set designed especially for use with delicate baby hair and skin.

    JOD 29.990
  • Nasal Aspirator

    JOD 39.900

    Nasal Aspirator

    Up to one year of age, babies breathe exclusively through their nose and as they are unable to blow their nose themselves, it is important to regularly remove any nasal secretions to provide relief from congestion. Teething and colds can cause mucus to gather meaning baby can become uncomfortable, especially at night

    JOD 39.900