Prefect Prep Bottle Preparation Machine

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  • Perfect Prep Replacement Filters

    JOD 29.900

    Perfect Prep Replacement Filters

    Made to be used with all our Tippee Perfect Prep™ machines, these replacement filters are designed for use with water straight from the tap. They ensure that your baby’s bottles are free from any nasty bacteria and other contaminants

    JOD 29.900
  • Prefect Prep Bottle Preparation Machine, Day & Night

    JOD 249.900
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    Prefect Prep Bottle Preparation Machine, Day & Night

    A fresh bottle of formula for your baby at the perfect temperature in less than two minutes flat. Ten times faster than boiling a kettle and waiting for it to cool.

    No more juggling a hungry baby in one arm and trying to make a bottle of formula with the other. No wonder parents call the Perfect Prep machine a lifesaver!

    The Perfect Prep™ machine dispenses an initial ‘hot shot’ of water that kills any bacteria that may be present in the formula. The initial burst of hot water also helps to dissolve the formula quickly and easily.

    The in-built filter system removes impurities from water, and dispenses the correct amount of water for accurate formula consistency.

    JOD 249.900